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Proposals are not an offer of coverage and are an estimate only. A list of exclusions is available on request. Coverage is not bound and in effect until notice is received from the insurance company. Up to 100% of the premium is non-refundable and all non-premium fees are also non-refundable. Endorsements are issued at the discretion of the insurance company. Endorsements that are issued as “equivalent” by the insurance company may or may not be accepted by the company requesting it. BILT Insurance Group llc in no way guarantees acceptance of any requested endorsement. Please request a sample endorsement and check that it will be accepted before purchasing the policy. Likewise, BILT cannot guarantee acceptance of coverage by any entity requesting it. Insurance premium is based on actual revenue and/or payroll and is subject to audit. You may receive a bill for additional premium if your revenue and/or payroll changes from the above estimate. It may change based on additional operations. Please review the above information carefully before signing. We do not offer legal advice and as such we would advise that a sample policy be submitted to the entity requesting insurance coverage before purchasing or your attorney. Any coverage not listed may not be included in the policy.  The undersigned Applicant understands and agrees that all of the statements, information and responses provided in the Application for this policy are material tothe risk sought to be insured, and that the entirety of the information provided in the Application forms a basis for the insurer to provide the requested insurance, and that said insurance is provided in reliance on such material representations. I understand that this warranty will be incorporated into the insurance contract..

The undersigned (“Client”) appoints Jerrik Santacroce (“Broker”) as Client’s insurance broker of record to transact business on behalf of Client. Broker will make a reasonable search of the marketplace of insurers available to Broker and provide options to Client for the type of risk that Client wishes to insure based on the requirements and specifications provided by Client. Client assumes full responsibility for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in the information provided and acknowledges that such inaccuracies or misrepresentations may result in an increase in premium and/or rejection, cancellation or rescission of the policy. Client shall immediately notify Broker in writing of any changes in property or risks insured against, or if Client desires to amend, change, or cancel the policy. This Agreement shall continue in full force until terminated by either party. Client agrees to pay a broker fee for Broker’s services. In addition to the broker fee, Client acknowledges that Broker receives compensation from insurers for its professional services in the form of commissions, which consist of a percentage of the premium collected by the insurers. Broker may also receive additional compensation, under agreements with one or more insurers in the form of commission overrides or based on some combination of volume, profitability, or other factors. Such agreements may be in effect with one or more of the insurers with whom your insurance is placed. The broker fee is listed on page 2 of proposals. Client agrees to this fee and understands that the broker fee is not refundable, irrespective of whether the policy is cancelled or rejected by the Client or insurer. Client authorizes Broker to cancel insurance if premiums or fees remain unpaid to Broker.The Client agrees to the conditions set forth above and acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement. The Client understands that upon signing this agreement, the broker fee will be fully earned by Broker and will be non-refundable. I agree to the conditions set forth above and acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Agreement.

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