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General Liability

Covers the "uh oh" incidents. Things like bodily harm, property damage, legal fees, advertising harm and medical payments.

Workers Compensation

Protection for your employees. Reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, cost of retraining, and more, all designed to meet your state's requirements.

Commercial Auto

Whether it's your personal car or one owned by the business it's best to get a commercial auto policy. Keeps you protected from dents, dings and the occasional fender bender.

Professional Liability (E&O)

We all make mistakes, but only with proper coverage will those mistakes be covered. Things like errors, omissions, missed deadlines, business disputes, and accusations of negligence.

Commercial Property

Protection for your office, retail space, warehouse or shop against perils from mother nature, vandalism, or the unknown.

Umbrella Coverage

Worried the limits of your other policies might not be enough to cover the business you've built? Umbrella or Excess coverage is the answer, they pay out in the event your other limits are exhausted.

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